Research opportunities at the TRC

The UVM Transportation Research Center seeks outstanding graduate and undergraduate students interested in conducting research on critical transportation issues. Paid research opportunities to work with TRC faculty and staff are available for graduate and undergraduate students.

Graduate Research Opportunities

Research assistantships are available for outstanding graduate students who are interested in working with TRC researchers. Most graduate students working with the TRC are enrolled in the Civil and Environmental Engineering MS or PhD program; however, an engineering background is not required. It is often possible to work on TRC supported research while pursuing a graduate degree from another UVM graduate program. Prospective graduate students should contact individual TRC faculty before applying to a graduate program to discuss mutual research interests, programs of study and funding availability. A list of TRC faculty and their bios can be found here. If you are not sure of who to contact or have general questions about TRC research and related graduate programs, please e-mail us.

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The TRC offers undergraduate students exciting opportunities to participate in transportation research projects covering a wide range of topics. Paid research opportunities and scholarships are available for CEMS students as well as students studying in other UVM colleges. Interested students should contact the individual faculty they are most interested in working with to discuss current projects and student research opportunities. Students may also e-mail the TRC with a brief description of their interests and we will help connect you with interested faculty.

Funding for Undergraduate Research

The TRC currently has open positions for graduate research assistants. Contact us for more information.

Connect with the TRC

The key to having a great experience in graduate school is finding a project that you are truly passionate about and a faculty mentor with whom you would like to work. Interested students should contact TRC faculty members to learn more about their current research and funding opportunities

TRC Faculty and Staff