• The TRC Mission is to advance more sustainable and resilient transportation systems in Vermont and beyond by conducting data-driven research, managing innovative outreach programs, and supporting UVM student education.

The TRC’s research portfolio has evolved to focus on transportation planning as it relates to resilience, equity, and energy.  We have a reputation as an honest broker and provider of transportation data for Vermont.  We promote sustainable transportation in many forms and serve as a gathering place for the professional transportation community.

Finding Sustainability in 72 Square Feet

On November 7 in the Davis Center, couple Shari Galiardi and Dave “Hutch” Hutchison of Boone, NC, shared what they discovered when they said goodbye to their professional careers in higher education and their 3-bedroom, 2.5 bath house, and hit the road.  Going from 1650 to 72 square feet was a challenging downsize in which the couple found “Freedom in a Can.” 


Transforming Transportation Training

TRC's Glenn McRae facilitated the National Transportation Training Directors Annual Conference, Transforming Transportation Training, last week, examining emerging technologies in transportation and in the training field as we work to support the current workforce and prepare future workers.