• Sustainability and Equity is our Mission

    Our mission is to serve as a hub for cutting edge, multidisciplinary transportation research with a focus on sustainable and equitable solutions for smaller cities and rural communities in Vermont, New England, and beyond. 

  • TRC Sends off 2021 Graduates

    With Commencement around the corner, the TRC sends off several undergraduate and graduate researchers to start their lives and careers beyond UVM. Here are just a few ways our students will bring what they have learned from their research to support more sustainable, equitable, and resilient transportation systems in Vermont and beyond.


  • From Your Recycling Bin to the Roadway

    Professor Mandar Dewoolkar is leading a team on a new TRC research project, supported by the Transportation Infrastructure Durability Center, that is investigating how Processed Glass Aggregate may be able to replace sand-based materials in transportation projects in Vermont.

  • TRC Director presents Policy Insights at Capitol Hill Briefing

    Last week, UVM Transportation Research Center Director, Dr. Greg Rowangould, participated in a Capitol Hill briefing on electric vehicle markets hosted by the National Center for Sustainable Transportation

  • Fall 2020 REU Students

    With a semester like no other coming to an end, we want to highlight undergraduate students who participated in research projects with the Transportation Research Center throughout the fall.

  • Meet the TRC's 20-21 Student Cohort

    The UVM Transportation Research Center seeks outstanding graduate and undergraduate students interested in conducting research and outreach on critical transportation issues.

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The UVM Transportation Research Center (TRC) conducts research that advances the science of understanding how we travel, the design of resilient transportation systems, and the impact of transportation on the environment, our health and wellbeing, and the economic prosperity of diverse communities. Located in a small and rural state, the UVM TRC has a unique focus on understanding the transportation challenges of people and businesses in smaller cities and rural communities. Our experts and outreach programs provide local and state government decision makers with practical, research-informed insights to support more sustainable, equitable, and resilient transportation systems that serve the needs of all individuals and communities. Learn more about the TRC.

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