Our research addresses local, state and national needs
The TRC’s current research portfolio covers a wide range of transportation topics while focusing on sustainability and equity. Our research is made possible with funding from federal, state and local governments, NGOs, and private gifts.


Project preview:

Effectiveness of Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) at Mid-Block Crosswalks

Principal Investigators: James Sullivan and Dana Rowangould
Project Sponsor: Vermont Agency of Transportation


Mid-block crossings represent an opportunity to improve pedestrian travel, but require a better understanding of their effects on pedestrian safety and the behavior of pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. The purpose of this research is to evaluate how effective RRFBs are relative to traditional mid-block crosswalks. 

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Project preview:

Bridge-Steam Network Assessment to Identify Sensitive Structural , Hydraulic and Landscape Parameters for Planning Flood Mitigation

Principal Investigator: Mandar Dewoolkar
Co-investigators: Donna Rizzo and Arne Bomblies
Project Sponsor: Transportation Infrastructure Durability Center

This project will develop an analysis method to understand how localized changes at a given bridge, stream or road affect the entire river corridor. This will help transportation agencies in managing their bridge and stream assets for maintenance and capital planning for upgrades, and also address stakeholder concerns raised in response to planned alterations.

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Project preview:

Evaluating Equity and Effectiveness in Vermont's Electric Vehicle Purchase Incentive Programs 

Principal Investigators: Parker King and Gregory Rowangould
Project Sponsor: University of Vermont

The project aims to inform the design of EV incentive programs, particularly in smaller and rural communities that have not been the focus of prior investigation and where the market penetration of EVs has been lower. The project will also contribute to a greater understanding of how incentive programs can be designed to improve program effectiveness and equity for lower income and rural households.

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Project preview:

A New Method of Determining Payment for In-Place Concrete with Double-Bounded Compressive Strength Pay Factors 

Principal Investigator: James Sullivan
Co-investigators: David Novak, and Eric Hernandez
Project Sponsor: Transportation Infrastructure Durability Center

The goal of this project is to develop a new method of enforcing pay factors for payment of in-place CCS that does not rely on the Gaussian distribution and allows for the use of asymmetrical set of pay factors.

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Project preview:

Evaluating Heterogeneity in Household Travel Response to Carbon Pricing: A Study Focusing on Small and Rural Communities

Principal Investigator: Gregory Rowangould
Project Sponsor: National Center for Sustainable Transportation

The aim of this research project is to collect new information about household travel behavior, how households may respond to increased transportation fuel costs, and information about real and perceived barriers to avoiding higher transportation fuel costs in diverse rural communities.

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