image of a semiconductor

Semiconductors are found in communication and computing devices and form the foundation of modern technologies that serve and better humankind. 

The semiconductor field is of immense importance to today’s society and to the Nation’s economic well-being and security. In addition, this field has significant and historical relevance to the economy of Vermont and neighboring states. With the recent passage of the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022, career opportunities in this field in the United States are expected to grow.

UVM's interdisciplinary certificate programs give students a comprehensive, hands-on understanding of fundamental physics and new engineered systems to advance this vital technology. UVM graduates have gone to work at industry leaders such as GlobalFoundries, Analog Devices, IBM, and Marvell. 

Undergraduate Certificate in Semiconductor Engineering and Physics (UCSEP)

This 17-credit certificate program is accessible to students majoring in electrical engineering, physics, or other STEM majors. Students will:

 Receive specific instruction and gain experiences in semiconductor engineering and/or physics.

 Complement coursework in the areas of semiconductor device physics, design, processes and/or metrology with a significant experiential learning experience.

 Complete the program poised to be recruited by both industry leaders and/or graduate programs.

The certificate will be available beginning in Fall 2023 and it is expected the coursework will take three to four semesters to complete. Details will be found in the AY 2023/2024 undergraduate catalog.

COMING SOON! Micro Certificate of Graduate Studies in Semiconductor Engineering and Physics (μCGS- SEP)

This 13-credit micro certificate program is targeted for MSEE students or practitioners from the semiconductor field, who are studying part-time.

Students will receive specific instruction and gain hands-on experiences in semiconductor device physics, design, processes and/or metrology.

The certificate is expected to be available beginning in Fall 2024.

For more information, please contact the UCSEP Program Coordinators:

 Matt Gallagher (Electrical Engineering):


 Jeff Frolik (Electrical Engineering):


 Randy Headrick (Physics):