The Statistics Program offers a Minor in Statistics which is available to students in any UVM undergraduate major program. Please contact the Director of the Statistics Program, Prof. Jeffrey Buzas, as soon as you think you may be interested in pursuing the Statistics Minor, so that any questions you have can be answered.

Admissions: You can declare the minor through the forms link from your myUVM account or from the Registrar's Office website. A minor advisor is not required, but you are encouraged to speak with any statistics faculty member to learn more about minor requirements. You are also invited to take part in the social and professional activities of the Statistics Student Association.


Please click here for the Statistics minor requirements. 

Additional Recommendations

  1. Three (3) credits of probability (STAT 151 or STAT 251) are recommended if you have the calculus background.
  2. For students who have taken STAT 151 or 251, a semester course in statistical inference (STAT 241 or STAT 261) is recommended.
  3. The statistics credits may include independent project or practicum work, such as STAT 191 or STAT 281, or even STAT 293-294 (Undergraduate Honors Thesis).
  4. Many statistical methods courses can be applied toward the minor:
  • STAT 183: Statistics for Business
  • STAT 200: Medical Biostatistics
  • STAT 221: Statistical Methods II
  • STAT 223: Applied Multivariate Analysis
  • STAT 224: Statistics for Quality and Productivity
  • STAT 225: Applied Regression Analysis
  • STAT 229: Reliability and Survival Analysis
  • STAT 231: Experimental Design
  • STAT 233: Design of Sample Surveys
  • STAT 237: Nonparametric Statistical Methods
  • STAT 253: Applied Time Series and Forecasting

Note for Mathematics Majors in the College of Arts and Sciences

It is possible for you to major in Mathematics and minor in Statistics; however you can only double count one 3-credit course in your major and minor (A&S rule). Thus you must earn 12 credits in statistics beyond any statistics courses counted in your major courses.

Note for Mathematics Majors in the College of Engineering and Mathematics

There is currently no provision for double counting of courses in major and minor programs. Thus you would need to earn 15 credits in statistics beyond any statistics courses counted in meeting your major requirements.

Mu Sigma Ro

If you meet certain academic requirements as a statistics minor, you would be eligible for election to Mu Sigma Rho. This is a national honorary society for those interested in statistics, and UVM has a chapter here. During your last year at UVM, if you are interested in receiving this honor, we would verify with you that:

  1. You have taken at least 5 credits of STAT courses at the 200 level.
  2. You have a 3.25 or higher GPA in all STAT courses.
  3. You are in the upper third of your UVM college class in all course work.