Why Minor in Math?

  • Extend your expertise
  • Prospective employers favor mathematically trained people.
  • Competence in mathematics will be useful on the job.
  • To employers, math skills imply technical skills.
  • A Math minor on a resumé gives you a competitive edge in getting a job.
  • Math is fun and intellectually stimulating!

Requirements for the Mathematics Minor

Required courses:

  • MATH 021
  • MATH 022
  • MATH 052 or Math 121
  • 9 additional credits in MATH courses numbered 100 or above. If you take both Math 052 and Math 121, then 121 counts toward the nine credits.

Please note that many upper-level MATH courses have MATH 052 as a prerequisite.  Delaying MATH 052 (or not taking it at all) will limit your options for selecting courses to fulfill the minor.

To declare a Math Minor, log onto myUVM. You should also contact us to be assigned an advisor for the minor.