Daniel grew up in Richmond, Vermont and graduated from Mount Mansfield Union High School in 2005. He earned his bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from RPI and remained an extra year to get his MS in Mathematics. Daniel received his PhD in Mathematics from the University of Michigan in 2015 where his thesis advisor was Andreas Blass. He spent 3 years as a Visiting Assistant Professor (Postdoc) at the University of Denver before joining UVM in August 2018.


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Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Set Theory and Mathematical Logic


  • PhD Mathematics, University of Michigan, 2015
  • MS Mathematics, BS Mathematics and Computer Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2010


  • 802-656-8121
Office Location:

Innovation Hall E311

Courses Taught

UVM: Applied Linear Algebra 122, Linear Algebra 124, Fundamentals of Calculus II 020, Calculus I 021, Real Analysis Math 141, Fundamentals of Mathematics 052, Discrete Structures CS 064
U of Denver: Calculus I & II, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Geometry, Multivariable Calculus
U of Michigan: Calculus I & II, Pre-Calculus

Course Syllabi - Fall 2022

Math 022 - Calculus II. Section A (PDF)

Math 122 - Applied Linear Algebra. Section B (PDF)

Math 122 - Applied Linear Algebra. Section C (PDF)

Math 052 - Fundamentals of Mathematics Section A (PDF)