The CEMS Office of Equity, Belonging, and Student Engagement is committed to the principles of equity, justice, and accountability in higher education. We strive to provide support and encouragement to student leaders, mentors, and the BIPOC community, as well as those serving clubs and organizations. We facilitate conversations around issues of diversity and equity and look forward to supporting an environment where people in CEMS feel they belong.


This office’s fundamental guiding principles and expectations are informed by the concepts supporting transformative justice.

  • We recognize the many ways that this work takes a toll on the mental and emotional well-being of BIPoC folks who conduct it, as well as the BIPoC, women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and disabled folks for whom we advocate.
  • We appreciate consideration of the myriad ways these communities may be impacted by world and local events, university systems and structures, and their interactions with those in CEMS and on campus. 
  • We value ways of being or knowing that may differ from those of engineers and mathematicians who have not been introduced to decolonizing and anti-oppression praxis.
  • We value amplifying the voices of those which often go unheard or not considered.
  • We value recognition for the contributions of minoritized and undervalued community members in CEMS and STEM.
  • Finally, we value being part of a team that demonstrates their commitment to social justice through their words and deeds and that considers students in their entirety as we consider the whole person in our advising and support roles.

Consequently, this office’s key areas of focus include​:

  • Retention Support for Students, Faculty, and Staff
  • Education, Training, Awareness Lecture Support and Speaking Engagements​
  • Professional Development​
  • Support for HESA and undergraduate students through eSTEM (Excellence in STEM) BIPOC student support, CEMS Study CATS, Sophomore Retention, and Club Leader and Mentor Support, among other initiatives.