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Mandar Dewoolkar
 Chair and Professor


Geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering; Hazard mitigation; Applications of laboratory, in-situ and field testing and numerical methods in geomechanics; Natural and built infrastructure; Engineering applications for heritage preservation; Geotechnical aspects of space exploration; Engineering Education

George Pinder
University Distinguished Professor
Faculty Graduate Coordinator

Mathematic methods applied to groundwater hydrology

Lisa Aultman-Hall

Collection of innovative travel data; Policy studies on safety, accessibility, and resiliency especially as it relates to planning for climate adaptation

Appala Raju Badireddy
Assistant Professor

Water Quality Engineering, Membrane Separation Processes, Resource Recovery from Solid- and Liquid-Waste, Environmental Photochemistry

Arne Bomblies
Associate Professor

Luis Garcia
Water resources, agricultural water use, and decision support systems

Ehsan Ghazanfari
Assistant Professor
Geotechnical engineering; Geo-energy systems, Wireless Sensor Network application in health monitoring of subsurface geo-systems; Soil-structure interaction evaluation through advanced sensing methodologies

Eric Hernandez
Associate Professor

Structural engineering, structural dynamics, state estimation, structural health monitoring, Bayesian reliability

Britt A. Holmén

Particle Interface Chemistry, Airborne Particle Emissions & Processes, Herbicide Gas/Particle Partitioning, Lidar Remote Sensing, Transportation & Air Quality, Nonpoint Source Emissions

John Lens
Research Assistant

Geotechnical Engineering

Bree Mathon

Hydrology, geochemistry, diversity in engineering, technical communication

Douglas Porter
Research Assistant

Architectural Conservation

Donna Rizzo

Development of new computational tools, including artificial neural networks, to improve the understanding of human induced changes on natural systems and the way we make decisions about natural resources

Victor Rossi

Computer-aided engineering technology

David Rosowsky
UVM Provost
and Senior Vice

Structural engineering and mechanics, wind and earthquake engineering, structural reliability, risk analysis, modeling natural hazards

Ting Tan
Assistant Professor

Fracture of materials, energy infrastructure materials, experimental mechanics, art-structure conservation

Priyantha Wijesinghe

Structural health monitoring, fatigue monitoring and detection of steel highway bridges, linear and nonlinear finite element modeling/analysis and restoration and preservation of historic structures

Affiliated Faculty, Adjunct Faculty and Research Staff

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Dr. Huijie Lu
Adjunct Assitant Professor


Environmental biological processes, water and wastewater

James Sullivan Research Projects Director, Transportation Research Center

Sustainable transportation infrastructure systems,  travel modeling, roadway snow and ice control, transportation energy, network modeling, system efficiency & optimization,  and survey data analysis

Dr. John Hanley
Adjunct Faculty

Hydrology, Computational methods, Risk assessment, Big data

Jonathan Dowds Research Analyst Transportation Research Center

Sustainable transportation infrastructure systems, transportation sector energy use, climate change adaptation planning and transportation investments
Karen Sentoff
Research Specialist Transportation Research Center
Sustainable transportation infrastructure systems, emphasis on infrastructure resilience in the face of an uncertain climate future, alternatives to the fossil fuel driven transportation system, and mechanisms to fund a sustainable infrastructure system in the future

Kristen Underwood

Adjunct Faculty

Hydrology, Geomorphology, Geostatistics

Affiliated Staff

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Pattie McNatt

General Assistance

Samantha Williams

CEMS Graduate Coordinator

Courtney Giles

CEMS Lab Manager

Floyd Vilmont

CEMS Machine Shop Supervisor

Jenn Karson

Director of Communications
and the UVM CEMS FabLab

Lauren Petrie

CEMS Career Readiness Program Coordinator
Marnie Owen, Amanda Wells, Lauren Petrie, Genevieve Anthony and Matt Manz CEMS Student Services Team

Emeritus Faculty

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Richard Downer

Water Resources

Nancy Hayden


David Hemenway


Jeff Laible


Jim Olson


Joe Openlander