Civil and Environmental Engineers have always been actively engaged in improving our standard of living throughout the modern history of the world by analyzing, designing, constructing, managing, and preserving our natural and built infrastructure. The work of civil and environmental engineers is evident everywhere — in the buildings we live in, the roads and bridges we travel on, the systems that provide us clean water and process waste, projecting our natural systems such as wetlands, treating contamination and reducing air pollution, developing sustainable energy and green materials technologies, disaster recoveries, and much more.

Watch UVM's Civil and Environmental Engineers at work during a service learning opportunity in the Across the Fence episode below:

Empowering students to make the world a better place

The department places an emphasis on rigorous technical education and social awareness, preparing students to become engineering leaders and innovators who are empowered to make the world a better place for all. We educate our students to develop sustainable systemic solutions that consider short and long-term environmental, social, political, regulatory, and economic issues while identifying, defining, and solving engineering problems. We instill in our students essential skills such as critical thinking, data analysis and modeling, use of information and advanced engineering technology, and interpersonal communication (e.g. teamwork, technical writing, presentation and deliberation skills, communicating with stake holders, including people with non-technical backgrounds) through project-based service learning.

Meet the Faculty

Engineering Design Night 2018

Our students participate in a multi-disciplinary, capstone design experience in their final year. Learn More.

UVM Transportation Research Center

The UVM Transportation Research Center (TRC) conducts research that advances the science of understanding how we travel, the design of resilient transportation systems, and the impact of transportation on the environment, our health and wellbeing, and the economic prosperity of diverse communities.  Learn more about recent TRC news and projects.


Civil and Environmental Engineering at UVM: The Graduate Student Experience

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Access to Professional Organizations

We are dedicated to the professional development of students enrolled in the Civil and Environmental Engineering programs. Read more about the American Society of Civil Engineers

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Opportunities for Students to Make a Difference

Engineers Without Borders USA supports community-driven development programs worldwide by collaborating with local partners to design and implement sustainable engineering projects.





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