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Pre-2016 Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English

Emphasizing excellent writing, precise and creative thought, clear communication, critical thinking, and research methods, an English major is fine preparation for a variety of careers.


These major requirements may be used by students who entered UVM prior to fall 2016. For the new major requirements, please refer to the current major in English.

  • The English Major requires a minimum of 33 hours (11 classes) and a maximum of 45 hours (15 classes), with at least 21 hours (7 classes) at the 100 level or above.
  • Majors must take English 86: Critical Approaches to Literature, preferably in their sophomore year.*
  • No more than 9 hours of advanced writing (ENGS 117-120 and FTS 144 and 145) may count towards the major.
  • Up to 9 hours of Film and Television Studies (FTS) at any level may count towards the major.
  • Up to 3 hours of World Literature (WLIT) may count toward the major.


At the 100 level, majors must take at least 3 hours (1 class) in each of these categories:

  • A:   The English language, creative writing, rhetoric and composition, critical theory, and cultural studies (ENGS 101-120, ENGS 201-212 and all FTS courses)
  • B:   Ancient medieval, 16th, and 17th-century literary traditions (ENGS 131-140, ENGS 221-222)
  • C:   18th and 19th-century literary traditions (ENGS 141-160, ENGS 241-242)
  • D:   20th and 21st-century literary traditions (ENGS 161-190, ENGS 251-252)


In the senior year, majors must complete a 200-level senior seminar, which may also fulfill one of the four categories above.

*Please note: For both new and old major requirements, ENGS 086 can count as ENGS 100 and vice versa.

Cannot be paired with a minor in English or Writing. 


In fall 2016 we offered a restructured Major in English. Students who enrolled before fall 2016 may choose whether to complete the old or new English minor requirements.

If you are a student who enrolled after fall 2016 please see the current Major in English requirements.

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