Which Center Should I Visit?

UVM has two writing centers: The Undergraduate Writing Center and the Graduate Writing Center. To visit the appropriate center, continue below and choose the one that best describes you. You can also visit the UVM Writing Centers shared reception desk on the ground floor of the Howe Memorial Library.

Visit the Undergraduate Writing Center if you are...

UVM student enrolled in an undergraduate degree program, undergraduate course, or post-baccalaureate program as a matriculated or continuing education student, and are looking for feedback and support as you work on a writing project


a UVM faculty member who teaches or mentors undergraduate writers and would like to learn how the Undergraduate Writing Center can help your students

Undergrad Writing Center

Visit the Graduate Writing Center if you are...

a UVM student enrolled full- or part-time in a graduate degree program and looking for feedback and support on your writing and presentations, whether for academic, professional, or public audiences.


a UVM faculty member interested in how the Graduate Writing Center supports graduate students’ writing and how to connect your students with our services and events.

Graduate Writing Center