Emily von Weise PCOM '19 interning at the State House in Montpelier.

We believe in the importance of experiential learning.

Our internship course grants students the opportunity to receive up to 15 credits for their internship experiences with local, state, and national organizations.

Follow these steps to earn academic credit for an internship:

Step 1

Find an internship

The CDAE Internship Coordinator is available to meet with students to discuss internship opportunities and how to apply, including resume & cover letter writing. Don't procrastinate! It is best to start the internship search & application process a semester in advance.

Step 2

Submit CDAE 296 Contract

Once your internship is secured, fill out the CDAE 296 contract to be reviewed by the course instructor and your internship site supervisor.

Step 3

Register for CDAE 296

Once your internship paperwork is approved, you will receive an email confirming that you have been granted permission to register for the course.

Step 4

Submit Weekly Journal

While doing the internship, students are required to submit a journal entry each week by the end of the day on Sunday. Specific instructions regarding journal submission can be found on the CDAE 296 Blackboard site which all students registered for the course have access to. If a student fails to submit a journal entry, their hours for that week will not be counted toward their overall hours.

Step 5

Submit Final Evaluation

Halfway through the internship, the CDAE Internship Coordinator will solicit feedback from both the student and the internship site supervisor to make sure each party is meeting their goals and objectives. At the conclusion of the internship, the student and the internship site supervisor will each fill out an online evaluation of the overall internship experience. These evaluations will be administered by the CDAE Internship Coordinator through an online form.

CDAE 296 Internship Guidelines

  • This variable credit course allows students to register from 1-6 credits per semester.
  • A maximum of 15 credits can be taken during a student's time at UVM.
  • According to CDAE policy, you are entitled to 1 credit for every 40 hours of participation at the internship site.
  • You will be billed for all credits exceeding 19 on your schedule for the fall and spring semester.
  • Students doing internships for credit during the summer must register for CDAE 296 during the summer term. Summer tuition rates apply.
  • Students cannot earn retroactive credit for internships completed in previous semesters.

*Note: Internships for CDAE students must be completed in the CDAE department.  Credits from outside the department will contribute toward general electives, but cannot count toward a student's CDAE degree requirements.


Kerry Daigle, Internship Coordinator for CDAE



Guidelines for Credit-Bearing Internships

In order to host students enrolled in a credit-bearing academic internship, Internship Supervisors must review and sign an updated MOU and Site Letter: go.uvm.edu/internforms