Peace Corps Prep Program at UVM

Ever thought of joining the Peace Corps? UVM–one of the most prolific producers of Peace Corps Volunteers in the country–has partnered with the Peace Corps to provide UVM students with a program to help prepare themselves for their experience teaching, learning, and serving in the Peace Corps.

The PC Prep program is designed to give students leadership and intercultural competence skills, whether they decide to enter the Peace Corps after graduation or not.


The PC Prep program offers students choose from one of the Peace Corps volunteer sectors while in the program: agriculture, community economic development, education, environment, health, or youth in development.


Joining the Peace Corps is an opportunity to explore in depth a region of the world where volunteers are needed. Becoming Peace Corps Prepared will help volunteers make the transition to living abroad in a new culture.


Many Returned Peace Corps Volunteers stay in touch with people they meet while serving for the rest of their lives. PC Prep helps you find the skills and tools to make lasting connections across cultures.