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Peace Corps volunteers serve in one of 6 sectors–the same sectors as offered by the Peace Corps Prep Program–agriculture, community economic development, education, environment, health, and youth in development. See the Fast Facts below to get an overview of where volunteers lend their skills and knowledge.

Fast Facts


Peace Corps officially established:

March 1, 1961

Americans who have served:

Nearly 220,000

Host countries served to date:



Current number of Volunteers and Trainees:



63% female, 37% male

Marital Status:

94% single, 6% married


25% of Volunteers*

Average Age:


Volunteers over age 50:


Countries and Projects

Current number of countries served:

64 countries

Volunteers by Work Area

Education: 38%

Health: 24%

Environment: 12%

Community Economic Development: 9%

Youth in Development: 9%

Agriculture: 5%

Peace Corps Response: 3%

Where Volunteers Serve

Africa: 45%

Latin America: 23%

Eastern Europe/Central Asia: 10%

Asia: 12%

The Caribbean: 4%

North Africa/Middle East: 3%

Pacific Islands: 3%

Fast Facts source: http://www.peacecorps.gov/about/fastfacts/

* Volunteer percentage excludes non-responders.
Figures are based on data as of September 30, 2014.