UVM Students Support Community through the Consumer Assistance Program

“The most beautiful thing about the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) is there's not one specific takeaway that a student is going to get,” Margaret Tabb, a Public Communication graduate said. “A student is going to take away what skill they're looking for, what transferable skill they're looking to develop, and [that] is something that you can take with you anywhere that you go.”


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CDAE Class Spotlight: Strategic Planning for Community Entrepreneurship

One of the things that Community Entrepreneurship Lecturer Lisa Glass-Kornstein enjoys about teaching CDAE 3670: Strategic Planning for Community Entrepreneurship is pulling experiences from her own career in social entrepreneurship to train the new generation of community leaders.

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CDAE Student Launches Inclusive Sewing Business to Empower Communities

As a young girl, Lucy Powell would sit in front of her sewing machine breathing new life into her father’s old T-shirts with each stitch. Later, in high school, she was disappointed to find out that her school no longer offered Home Economics classes and that none of her friends knew how to fix their loose buttons.

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