Feeding Seaweed to Cows to Boost Organic Dairy Profitability and Sustainability

UVM-led research team receives $2.9 million from USDA’s Organic Agriculture Program to explore health, economic and environmental benefits of feeding seaweed to dairy cows.
dairy cow standing in a row of cows in a barn stall

A multi-institutional research team led by UVM’s Sabrina Greenwood has been awarded $2.9 million to explore the potential animal health, environmental and economic benefits of seaweed as a feed alternative for organic dairy cows. The grant is one of USDA’s newly funded Organic Agriculture Research and Extension...

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John Barlow, Caitlin Jeffrey and Graecia Pacheco in the Barlow Lab.

Building Healthy Microbiomes to Combat Mastitis on Organic Dairy Farms

A team of researchers at the University of Vermont is seeking solutions to help combat mastitis, a costly health problem among dairy cows that can be challenging for herd health on organic farms.

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Graecia Pacheco in the Barlow Lab holding a plated bacteria specimen.

Planning for a Career That Gives Back

COVID-19 has confirmed for Graecia Pacheco—a sophomore microbiology major—that her career goal is to help people protect themselves from harmful diseases. She envisions the possibilities of discovering beneficial bacteria and screening for diseases as an epidemiologist. As a first-generation immigrant from the Philippines, Pacheco grew up knowing it will take hard work to achieve these dreams.

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