It’s Agricultural Fair and Exhibition Season: Do You Know How to Protect Your Show Animals?

A young woman is standing with a Holstein dairy cow at an agricultural fair.

Agricultural fairs and exhibitions are in full swing across the U.S., and with the recent outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in dairy cows, it is important to know how to protect animals from diseases before, during, and after an event. A highly effective strategy for doing this is with biosecurity, the...

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UVM student Jamie Burke in the lab in front of glowing simulated cow rumen

The Pursuit of Knowledge

For students at the University of Vermont, knowledge knows no bounds. Near or far from campus, they study everything from the most complex micro-ecosystems on the planet to the biggest threats to democracy today; they're engaged year-round, day and night, all in pursuit of knowledge.

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Tim Hayes in horse barn

A Natural Horseman

When alumnus Tim Hayes, Class of 1967, climbed on a horse for the first time, at age forty-eight, his life pivoted. The lifelong New Yorker was already at a turning point when, on the heels of a divorce, he traveled out west. Then, at a friend of a friend’s cattle ranch, he saddled up and everything changed. “Something happened,” Hayes says.

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