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RSENR Business Center financials travel reimbursement

How To: Financials - Travel & Expense Reimbursement

Primary Contact:
Administrative Business Service Center (ABSC) for all staff
Marcia Caldwell for faculty in Aiken, Spear Street, and Rubenstein Lab
Theresa Debarge for Vermont Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

All travel and expense reimbursements will be processed out of the Waterman Administrative Business Service Center (ABSC).

Prior to Travel:

On the ABSC website go to Reimbursements - domestic or international (and note that international travel must have a travel authorization completed two weeks in advance via an email to the ABSC office). Also note that cash advance requests will be sent to ABSC via email at:

When you have an expense that you incurred on behalf of the university and need to be reimbursed:

Faculty Only:
Your support staff listed above will prepare your form and obtain signatures. (The Associate Dean is your supervisor of record and will sign these forms.) Provide support staff with your receipts and chartstrings and any information they may need to process your reimbursement.

Staff and Students Only:

  1. Complete the expense form on the ABSC website and sign. On the ABSC webpage, follow the expense form link to an excel worksheet. Click on the Reimbursement Form tab to get to the fillable worksheet. (You no longer enter this information in PeopleSoft).
  2. Obtain necessary signatures (supervisor).
  3. Send form and all receipts to the ABSC Office (205 Waterman Building).
  4. The ABSC office will process your reimbursement and will contact you directly with any questions or issues.

The expense form asks that you total receipts into the following categories: Travel Expense, Mileage, Business Meals, and Non-travel. This requires that you sum up all of your receipts and only one amount is shown for each category.

The form requires a chartstring "name": For grants, use the View current list of names. This document will be updated as needed.

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