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RSENR Business Center grants cost policy

How To: Grants - Cost Policy

Primary Contact: Heather Bullett 656-2691 OR Deb McAdoo 656-3222
Secondary Contact: Rose Feenan 656-3326

When working on a new proposal with SPA (Pre-Award Services), normally-indirect expenses that you plan on charging as direct expenses on your awards (either the sponsor funds or cost share associated with that award) need to be justified with the justification form (XLS on SPA website). This form will allow these types of expenditures (see below for the most common ones we see in the RSENR) to go through at the normal speed. If one of these expenses comes through and the form has not been completed, you will need to work with your grant contact person in the Business Service Center to get the form completed so that the account can be opened and the transaction can be processed as usual.

Here are the most common examples of expenses that need to be justified (one justification form per award will suffice with amendments if needed in the future). Once they are justified and approved, then you will not have to worry about charging these expenses to your grants in the future, as the accounts will be opened for the life of the award (unless amendments come through that specifically require additional justification by the sponsor):

  • Administrative Support salary/benefits
  • Food and Drink during a lab meeting
  • Office supplies
  • Computer supplies (including ink cartridges)
  • Paper/Pads/Pens/Toner
  • Books and reference materials
  • Membership and subscriptions (dues/memberships in professional organizations) for individuals
  • Telephone equipment/cell phones
  • Bulk mail services for survey
  • General purpose equipment
  • Computers
  • Facility work orders
  • Utilities

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