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RSENR Business Center financials purchase computer

How To: Financials - Purchase a Computer

Contact for Non-Grant Purchase: Jackie Bruning
Contact for Grant Purchase: Kathleen Wells - Team A or Heather Bullett - Team B

STEP 1. Open a Footprint in with a short description of "New Computer: Your Last Name." The following information is required:

  • Contact Information: Verify contact information, including phone number.
  • Description:
    • You will be contacted concerning this purchase; please provide a preferred contact time and method.
    • Enter a brief description of the computer to be purchased, its purpose and how it will be funded.
  • Funding:
    • If being purchased on General Funds, it must be approved by the Dean.
    • If being charged to a grant(s), it must be approved by the grant's PI, and you should include the project #(s) in the footprint description.
  • Attachments:
    • E-Quote, if you have one.
    • Approval communication/email copy from the Dean (general funds).
    • Approval communication/email copy from PI (grant).
  • Additional Email Notifications:
  • Save

STEP 2. Once the footprint is submitted you will be contacted by RSENR IT Services. They will ask you for information for use in completing a questionnaire, e.g. usage of the computer, for onsite or travel, will it be used in conjunction with other equipment, etc. From the information gathered it will be determined which computer will best meet your needs and that your purchase can be supported by the RESNR IT Office.

STEP 3. If the computer will be grant funded, you will be contacted by your grants management coordinator. You will be asked a series of questions to verify that the expense is appropriate to be charged to the grant(s). This information will then be relayed to Grant and Contract Accounting for their approval process.

STEP 4. Once all approvals are in place, your support person will place an order with the UVM Computer Depot.

STEP 5. When the computer is available for pick-up, the RSENR IT Office will contact you to arrange a time to deliver it and complete the configuration process necessary for its utilization.

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