The Musician's Corner

"All musicians are subconsciously mathematicians."
-- Thelonious Monk

"Obsession is a great substitute for talent."
-- Steve Martin

"Today, like every other day, we wake up empty and frightened. Don't open the door to the study and begin reading. Take down a musical instrument."
-- Jelaluddin Rumi

Welcome to Nick Gotelli's music page. Music and ecology are my two great passions in life, both reinforcing one another, but also competing for my time. Fortunately, there are many ecologists who are also fine musicians, and I have had the pleasure of playing and recording with many of them. In the panels below, I have posted mp3s of some studio, live, and concert recordings. After each song title, the time is given in brackets so you can estimate download times. These files are all 128K or 192K mp3s, so they should download quickly. These files are for your personal listening pleasure. As long as you don't try to sell them or profit from them (monetarily), you are free to distribute and share them with others. Check this page ever few months and refresh your browser, as I will periodically be posting new songs. If you enjoyed these recordings (or even if you didn't), send me a note at:



Music Spotlight
To get you started, I have listed below 17 sampler songs to choose from. These songs are in different musical styles and played with different groups. Follow the links in the Music Grid for more music from these groups.
Acoustic Blues (Easy Wind): Walkin' Blues [3:49]

Beatles (Easy Wind): Dear Prudence [4:13]

Celtic (Amy Arnett): King Of The Faeries [1:45]

Dawg Music (Kesey Bear Band): Japan [2:54] (The theme song for ESA podcasts)

Dylan (E.F.G.): You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go [3:21]

Electric Blues (Solo works): Mary Had A Little Lamb [2:30]

Folk (Jawless Fishes): Some Things Take Time [5:09]

Gypsy Jazz (Tambu Laurentu): Tambu's Flight [3:14]

Latin (Gypsy Affair): For Sephora [2:52]

New Age (Solo Works): Sonata For Two Partial Capoes [2:00]

Old-Timey (Dan Simberloff): Chinese Breakdown [1:34]

Piano Jazz (Max & Willie Grear): Blues in Bb [4:13]

Pop (Jawless Fishes): Generation Gap [1:49]

Reggae (Easy Wind): Watching The Detectives [4:25]

Rock (Easy Wind): Thing Called Love [4:13]

Vocal Jazz (Roger & Me): I Can't Give You Anything But Love [3:28]

World Folk Music (Southern China): Song #8 [0:52]



The Music Grid (click on a link)
The grid below will take you to webpages that each contain recordings with a different group of musicians. At the top of the page, there is a photo and links to a few key songs. For some groups, there is also an extensive archive of older recorded material and notes on the different recording sessions. At the bottom of each page is a link that will pop you back up to this main grid. A second link will take you out and back to my home page.
Solo Works Your Music Here! Easy Wind
Your Music Here! The Littlest Birds Your Music Here!
The Hot Club Of ESA Scott Wing Tambu Laurentu
Mike Kaspari Duccio Rocchini Southern China
Max & Willie Grear Amy Arnett Alexandre Diniz-Filho
Memphis 2006 Gypsy Affair Dan Simberloff
E.F.G. Kesey Bear Band Rob Colwell
Roger Williams Jawless Fishes Touch of Grey

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