The Simberloff Sessions
Nick & Dan
Nick & Dan. Burlington, 2004. Photo by Maryanne Kampmann.
Dan Simberloff is a virtuoso mandolin player who sounds like Bill Monroe and who used to play with David Grisman in the 1960s. In November of 2004, just after the disappointing U.S. presidential elections, Dan came to Burlington to give a seminar at the University of Vermont. These unrehearsed songs were taken from two brief sessions recorded on November 7th and 8th, entitled "In A Blue State." LListen carefully to the conversation at the end of Hamilton County, and you can hear Dan talking about teaching this tune to Grisman.
Chinese Breakdown [1:34]
Hawkins Rag [1:50]
Fire On The Mountain [1:10]
Hamilton County [1:11]

Simberloff Archives
Rakes of Kildare [0:36]
Red Apple Rag [2:16]
Red Haired Boy [2:40]
Red Wing [1:03]
East Tennessee Blues [1:05]
Fire On The Mountain [1:06]
Flop Eared Mule [1:16]
Folding Down The Sheets [0:51]
Frosty Morning [1:07]
Gaspe Reel [1:00]
Golden Slippers [1:07]
Hamilton County [1:13]
Hawkins Rag [1:52]
Hull's Victory [1:07]
Jay Bird [1:35]
June Apple [1:08]
Liberty [1:04]
Magpie [1:10]
Chinese Breakdown [1:34]

2004.11.08. In A Blue State.
It was a real treat to squeeze in this recording session during Dan's Simberloff visit. Of course the tempos are blazing, so about all I could do was play rhythm guitar and hold on for life. Chinese Breakdown is one of the standouts in this set. We chose most of these tunes by working our way alphabetically through the Fiddler's Fakebook. By the second evening, we had gotten to Magpie. Dan, I hope you will return to Burlington so we can complete the alphabet!


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