Potsdam Conference
Jawless Fishes
Nick and Alexandre. Potsdam, 2006. Photo by Mauricio Bini.
Alexandre Diniz-Filho is a macroecologist who is also a talented guitarist. In August, 2006, Alexandre and I met for the first time at a conference in Potsdam, Germany, on macroecological tools for global change research. Each night, we would play in the noisy bar in the lobby of the Hotel Mercure, where these recordings were made. It was great to jam on a mix of latin, bossa nova, jazz, and blues tunes. In the background, you can hear Mauricio Bini, Tim Blackburn, David Currie, Brian Enquist, Pablo Marquet, Carsten Rahbek, David Storch and other princes of macroecology holding court.
12-bar Blues in E [2:28]
Anouman [1:51]
Corcovado/Mania de Voce [5:41]
Caravan [1:48]
Death Don't Have No Mercy [1:36]
Django's Castle [1:32]
It Don't Mean A Thing [1:19]
Little Martha [2:07]
Me chama [3:23]
Night and Day [3:40]
Our Love Is Here To Stay [3:32]
Rumpole's Walk [1:34]
Slide Blues in E [2:19]
Summertime [4:16]
Wave [3:20]


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