Sweden Sessions
Kesey Bear Band
Nick, Gary, & Rob. Åmjölkesbo, Sweden, 2003. Photo by Gary Graves.
In August of 2003, I travelled to Åmjölkesbo, southern Sweden, to work with my host Carsten Rahbek and collaborators Rob Colwell, Gary Entsminger, and Gary Graves. Most of our week-long stay was spent working on a manuscript on the macroecology of South American birds. But we did find a little time to record. The night before we left, Gary and I recorded two blues numbers on our Palm recorder, whose batteries were dying. Earlier in the week, we recorded a great version of September Song, with vocals by Rob.
Me & The Devil in Sweden [4:54]
Baby T & The Skinksteak Blues [3:36]
Sweden September Song [4:10]


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