Amy Arnett
Amy Arnett
Nick & Amy. Burlington, 2008. Photo by Maryanne Kampmann.
Amy Arnett is a Professor of Biology at Unity College, where she studies the ecology and evolution of invasive species and effects of climate change. Amy is also an incredibly talented fiddler, and we played together in the Kesey Bear Band from 1993-1998, when Amy was a PhD student in my lab. In January of 2008, Amy came to Burlington to visit friends and to work on some of her ant identifications of samples from Maine. After spending a day peering at antennal flanges of Myrmica spp., we dusted off some of our favorite Kesey Bear tunes and played a few new things as well. It felt very natural to slip back into this great music, even after a 10-year hiatus in playing together.
After The Battle of Auchrim [1:26]
Angeline The Baker [1:25]
Japan [1:34]
King of the Faeries [1:45]
Merrily Kiss The Quaker [1:36]
Opus 57 [0:57]
Pursuit of Clarity [0:56]
Rakes of Kildare [1:04]
The Swallowtail Jig [1:09]


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