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Soloing in Cassis
Soloing in Cassis, France, 2005. Photo by Maryanne Kampmann.
I am neither a competent vocalist nor a proficient finger-picker, so I don't prefer to play solo guitar. Nevertheless, I often find myself playing solo, particularly in airport terminals around the world, where I spend a lot of time waiting with my Baby Taylor guitar. Terminal Blues is the kind of open-tuning stuff I play in these settings. Mary Had A Little Lamb was the first recording I made with my digital Palm Studio, under the Christmas tree in December of 2001.
Terminal Blues [2:28]
Mary Had A Little Lamb [2:29]

Solo Works Archives
Bertha [1:40]
Blackberry Blossom [2:48]
Blues In G [4:45]
Can't Find My Way Home [1:31]
Friend Of The Devil [1:34]
Going To California [1:37]
I Shot The Sherrif [2:25]
Many Rivers To Cross [2:34]
Nobody Knows When You're Down And Out [1:31]
Sweet Home Chicago [2:02]
Wildwood Flower [1:06]
2009.10.13. In October 2009, I traveled to Taiwan to participate in the International Symposium on Quantitative Ecology & 2nd International Taiwan-Japan Ecology Workshop. After the long flight back from Taipei, I still had lots of time to kill in the San Francisco International Airport. This is a typical "airport set": a bit tired and ragged, with plenty of background noise. Many of these are tunes I perform with Easy Wind. Blues in G is a blues in the style of T-Bone Walker.
Bb Blues [3:32]
2007.02.15. This is a simple jazz-blues workout with a nice rhythm track from the BOSS 880 rhythm machine. The acoustic guitar is miked.
Sonata For Two Partial Capos [1:59]
2006.12.31. Schubb makes a great pair of partial capos for open-tuning effects. This song has a "drop-D" partial capo at fret 2 and a "DADGAD" partial capo at fret 4, yielding something like an F# open tuning with an E in the bass. Go figure.
Going To California [2:44]
2006.10.xx. This two-track demo of the Led Zeppelin classic was in preparation for the live session with EFG.
Short Capo (E) [3:35]
2006.07.xx. This is a simple blues riff using a Schubb short capo which gives a DADGAD tuning, but in the key of E.
Little Martha [2:14]
2006.07.xx. The original Allman Brothers tune (from the album Eat A Peach) is a lovely finger-picking duet between Duane and Dicky, played in an open D tuning. I've re-arranged it here for solo flatpicked guitar in standard tuning.
Terminal Blues [2:28]

2005.08.xx. I spend a lot of time in airport terminals around the world, and this is the kind of thing I often play on my Baby Taylor, a fantastic little travel guitar.
Knockin' On Heaven's Door [7:28]

2005.06.22. This was an instrumental demo for the Dylan recording with EFG. The final version was played at a slower tempo and sounds much heavier than this does.
Mary Had A Little Lamb [2:29]
2001.12.25. This is the first recording I made with the PS-02 Palm Studio Recorder. Both tracks were recorded with the Baby Taylor plugged into an electric guitar patch.


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