The Littlest Birds
The Littlest Birds
Nick, Sharon Martinson, David Huebner. UVM, 2011. Photo by Jen Jany.
The Littlest Birds are the talented musical duo of Sharon Martinson (banjo, vocals), and David Huebner (cello, guitar, vocals). They are classically trained, but they play old-time music and write a lot of their own material. Sharon is also a terrestrial ecologist, and she and I have played music at science conferences in the past. In the fall of 2011, The Littlest Birds completed an ambitious 3-month coast-to-coast tour (read about their adventures in Dave's blog). They arrived in Burlington in mid-October, and we managed to squeeze in a performance of 3 songs at the start of my large Ecology & Evolution course (BCOR 102). These recordings were made an hour earlier, during a quick practice session in my living room. Be sure to visit the Littlest Birds's homepage for their latest CD, music clips, and news on their upcoming shows.
Stealin' [4:53]
Red Rocking Chair [3:39]
Reuben [6:26]
Dragonfly [5:14]
Miles And Miles [4:01]
Redwood Waltz [5:10]
Oh Great Ocean [5:32]


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