Mike Kaspari
Mike Kaspari
Nick & Mike. Burlington, 2008. Photo by Maryanne Kampmann.
Mike Kaspari is a macroecologist and myrmecologist at the University of Oklahoma. In addition to his skills as a scientist, songwriter, and musician, Mike has the entire Beatles repertoire of chords and song lyrics hard-wired into his brain. Mike and I had a chance for a quick recording session when he came to Burlington for a seminar visit in the fall of 2008. Of special note is this recording of Mike's original tune "Botfly Blues", a legendary chart-topper that is now known and loved by hundreds of graduates of OTS courses at the La Selva Biological Station.
Botfly Blues [3:51]
One After 909 [2:35]
Norwegian Wood [2:04]
Get Back [2:41]


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