University of Vermont


Graduate Program
Civil & Environmental Engineering


  • Lisa Aultmann-HallLisa Aultmann-Hall

    Professor Aultmann-Hall is director of the UVM Transportation Center. Her areas of expertise include travel route choice and tailpipe emissions, transportation planning, freight transportation, bicycle transportation, traffic safety, and geographic information systems in transportation. Find out more...
  • Arne BombliesArne Bomblies
    Assistant Professor

    Professor Arne Bomblies' global research is expanding the boundaries and reach of traditional scientific research and has the potential to effect worldwide change. His goal is to understand how the environment influences malaria transmission. Find out more...
  • Mandar DewoolkarMandar Dewoolkar
    Associate Professor

    Professor Dewoolkar's research focuses on: soil dynamics and earthquake engineering; dams and embankments, retaining structures, and foundations; and physical and numerical modeling. He conducts his research in the laboratory, in-situ, as well as performing field testing. Find out more...
  • Ehsan GhazanfariEhsan Ghazanfari
    Assistant Professor

    Professor Ghazanfari's research focuses on geo-energy systems, wireless sensor network application in health monitoring of subsurface geo-systems, soil-structure interaction evaluation through advanced sensing methodologies, and geo-environmental engineering. He conducts his research in the laboratory, as well as performing field test. Find out more...
  • Eric HernandezEric Hernandez
    Assistant Professor

    Prof. Hernandez leads the Structural Monitoring, Diagnosis and Prognosis Lab. His research is focused on discovering new ideas for solving large scale inverse problems under uncertainty and their application to the reliability analysis of operational and instrumented structural systems. Areas of expertise include direct and inverse problems in structural dynamics, structural health monitoring, state estimation, reliability analysis and uncertainty quantification. Find out more...
  • Britt HolménBritt Holmén
    Associate Professor

    Professor Holmén's areas of expertise include particle interface chemistry, airborne particle emissions and processes, herbicide gas/particle partitioning, lidar remote sensing, transportation and air quality, and nonpoint source emissions. Her research focuses on contaminant transport processes in air and soil, with an emphasis on conducting field measurements. Find out more...
  • Brian LeeBrian Lee
    Assistant Professor

    Professor Lee is an international researcher with expertise in agent-based analysis and empirical modeling who has keen interests in multimodal transport, and a record of interdisciplinary collaborations on policy-relevant projects. His joint efforts with researchers have created advances in modeling the complex interactions between transportation and land use. Find out more...
  • George PinderGeorge Pinder

    Professor Pinder performs research activities in the Research Center for Groundwater Remediation Design (RCGRD), which is dedicated to the creation and dissemination of knowledge on computer-based technology that is designed to achieve least-cost solutions to contamination problems. Professor Pinder's areas of expertise include groundwater behavior, numerical modeling, and experimental studies of multiphase media. Find out more...
  • Donna RizzoDonna Rizzo

    Dr. Rizzo's research uses geostatistics and computational techniques, including artificial neural networks (ANNs), to solve problems in diverse areas such as groundwater remediation, medical imaging, and disease prediction in crops. Find out more...

  • Ting TanTing Tan
    Assistant Professor

    Professor Tan proceeds with a synergy of mechanics and materials, including fracture of materials, energy infrastructure materials, and art-structure conservations. He is interested in developing experimental approaches to investigate the failure mechanisms of materials and structures in energy and sustainability research. Find out more... Find out more...