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How do I apply to UVM as a veteran or dependent using VA benefits?

Veterans: There are two main paths to become a UVM student when using VA education benefits after serving in the military. You may register as a continuing education student (path #1), or apply as a transfer student (path #2). With either path, apply for or update your VA benefits online when you apply or register to UVM.

Dependents: Apply to UVM as a first year or as a transfer student if you attended another college/university. Apply for VA benefits online or update VA with your choice to attend UVM at when you apply to UVM.

Dependents must apply for their VA benefit after it has been transferred to them by their military sponsor, usually a parent, through the milConnect DoD system.

How do I know which VA benefit(s) I am eligible for?

Only VA can tell you what education benefit you are eligible for and the only official notification is through a Certificate of Eligibility which they send you in the US Mail. Research VA benefits and apply.

Do I qualify for in-state tuition?

After applying to UVM you will be classified as an in-state or out-of-state student for tuition purposes. Recently discharged veterans or their dependents who meet certain eligibility criteria will be billed at the in-state rate while using benefits.

Do VA benefits affect financial aid?

Yes, VA benefits will be calculated in your UVM financial aid award. They will not affect your Title IV aid, such as Pell Grant or Loan Eligibility, but will affect UVM specific aid. Contact Student Financial Services.

Or, learn more at GI Bill Benefits and Other Financial Aid Eligibility

What do I do when I get my bill from UVM?

Your bill is your responsibility no matter who is paying it.  Review your bill against what you anticipate VA paying to UVM. You are responsible for paying any charges (e.g. tuition and fees or room and board) that are not covered by your VA benefits. For assistance, contact or

What do I need to do each semester or year to continue receiving benefits?

Each semester you want to use benefits complete a Request for Enrollment Certification in the myUVM Portal Veterans Tab once you are registered for classes. UVM will send your enrollment information to VA after registration week, and update your schedule to VA after the add/drop period.

If you are using Yellow Ribbon Scholarship, reapply with Student Financial Services each May.

When will I receive payments from VA?

Payments from VA for new benefits usually arrive 8-12 weeks after your confirmation email from stating your enrollment information has been received by VA.

Payments for returning students usually take 4-6 weeks after that confirmation email.

In all cases, only VA can determine what your payment is, and when it can be sent according to the chapter of law your benefit falls under.

Can I use VA benefits to study abroad?

Yes, but only in limited programs. Contact or for more information.

What if I’m ordered to Active Duty?

Military service comes first and UVM has your back if you are called to serve. If you are ordered to active duty, send a copy of your orders to and tell us if you’d like to drop your courses, or take incompletes based on an agreement with your instructor. You may resume the next semester after you return.

How do I contact the VA with a question?

Some questions have to be answered by the US Department of Veterans Affairs rather than UVM. VA Education Benefits / GI Bill customer help and FAQ's.

Create an account with VA and directly email a customer service representative

  • This allows you to avoid extended wait times on the phone, and gives you a record of VA’s response to your question in case there is a future issue.

What course fees will VA pay?

When using Chapter 33 Post 9/11 GI Bill VA will pay course fees prorated to your eligibility tier directly to UVM after the add/drop period. Courses must be required for your degree program.

What courses can I take while using benefits?

You may take any courses that you choose – however, VA will only pay for courses that apply to your degree program. In some cases Student Veteran Services will verify that a course is required for your program by contacting your College Dean’s Office or your academic advisor. If you know of an exemption being made ask your advisor to email

  • myUVM > Advising (Degree Audit) > Academic Profile > Advisor

What happens if I receive a failing grade, incomplete, or choose to withdraw from a course VA paid for?

Generally, if you receive an “F” you don’t have to pay VA back, but if you receive a “W” you do have to pay VA back. Incomplete’s must be made up according to the agreement with your instructor. When you have a letter grade contact Student Veteran Services to avoid a debt to VA.

VA considers a failing grade punitive and a withdrawal non-punitive.

More information is on UVM's Exams and Grading webpage and the VA’s “Ask a Question” webpage . Also see answer 10 “How do I contact the VA with a question?”

What happens if VA pays my UVM bill after the due date?

VA often pays after your UVM bill is due. Always request enrollment certification before your bill is due, and make satisfactory arrangement to pay any portion you are responsible for with Student Financial Services prior to the due date. When your enrollment is certified to VA a positive indicator will be placed on your student account so you do not receive a late fee, as long as you make appropriate arrangement for your portion of your bill, if applicable.

How do I change my schedule, or add/drop/withdraw from courses I am currently enrolled in?

Understand the potential changes to your VA benefits and consider that you may have to repay VA if you withdraw.

Complete the schedule change in the myUVM Portal Registrar tab after consulting your academic advisor.

Inform student veteran services by clicking “Update my Enrollment Information” in the myUVM Portal Veterans tab. We will update VA so they pay any additional tuition or fees, or calculate a debt to you based on your change.

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