First time parking permit requests must be processed at the Parking Services office.

Parking in University of Vermont campus lots requires a University of Vermont parking permit.  

Persons may be asked to provide a valid UVM I.D. or proof of employment in order to show eligibility for a University of Vermont parking permit. 

Access to spaces closer to University buildings will be allocated to faculty and staff based on a waitlist system.  Individuals must request to be placed on a waitlist and will be notified when space in the Zone becomes available.

Permit Types

Parking assignments are determined by the work address of the employee in accordance with Human Resources records.

Eligible Staff with Regular Payroll Deduction

Green, White or Brown Employee Permits:  These permits begin with the prefix EB (Employee Brown), EW (Employee White), and EG (Employee Green).

Carpoolers/Occasional Use/Hybrid Form (permit with special parking assignment)

Please apply for your permit and fill out the carpool agreement using the links below.  In the "Comment" section, please put in any information we need to know, or you wish to further clarify (for example, carpool partner names you want to cross-reference; the fact you are requesting occasional use vs. a full-time permit; the special area you are looking to park in again for this permit cycle).

Carpool Agreement Form

Carpoolers/Occasional Use/Hybrid Form

Carpooling resources and matching services

Eligible other affliliates/temporary employees

Eligible other affliliates/temporary employees applying for permits which need to be paid for in advance must come to our office after filling out a permit application form online and receiving confirmation from our office.  Please view our current employee parking rates. Your application will not be processed unless all citations have been paid in full. Method of payment for permits and citations at our office is cash, check, Cat$cratch, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover only.

Affiliates/Temporary Employee Form


At this time, faculty and staff officially retiring with full benefits from the University are eligible to obtain a Retired Green parking permit at no charge. To obtain this permit Human Resources must have you classified as an official retiree and it must be beyond your last date of regular employment.  You may be required to show a retiree-type CatCard.  Any current parking permit must be physically received by the Parking Services office upon retirement, as it is no longer valid.  Further use of campus parking should be with a Retired Green permit.   

Parking in University of Vermont campus lots requires a University of Vermont parking permit.  Vehicles showing under the parking permits must be current at all times. You may contact our office for assistance, or you may add or delete vehicles from your permit by clicking on Manage Your Permit/Vehicle Information.  

As with all other University parking permits, your Retiree Green permit is non-transferable.  The use of this parking permit by any other individual constitutes a violation. 

Emeriti-Retirees Form