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Transportation and Parking Office

Customer Service Closures

The Customer Services staff are those assisting you at our front desk for permit sales, through phone and email, and complete visitor permit and code orders.

We are getting a new parking system!  In order to provide hands-on training to our staff, we will be following the following schedule:

Monday, December 02, 2019:  7:30a to 4:00p OPEN

Tuesday, December 03, 2019:  7:30a to 4:00p OPEN

Wednesday, December 04, 2019:  CLOSED

Thursday, December 05, 2019:  open 7:30a to 12:00p CLOSED REMAINDER OF THE DAY

Friday, December 06, 2019: CLOSED

Additional day of closure:

Monday, December 16, 2019 CLOSED

Please plan accordingly and distribute this information. We will be happy to assist you in any way possible to minimize the inconvenience.

Location: 38 Fletcher Place, Burlington, VT 05405 [Directions]

Phone: (802) 656-8686
Fax: (802) 656-6550

Regular Office Hours

Monday-Thursday:  7:30am - 4:00pm
Fridays:  7:30am - 3:00pm


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