Completing "TPS 001: Parking Permit Course" is a prerequisite for all UVM employees and students who would like to obtain a parking permit. Below you will find instruction on how to register, complete the course, and provide TPS with your completion certificate. If you are managing an existing permit you can enter the portal here.

1. Register/enroll in the course in Blackboard

Self-enroll by using this guidance from ETS:  

If you are already enrolled in Blackboard you may skip this step and go directly to

Once you are in Blackboard, in the Organization Search box,  search for “TPS”.

Select the "TPS 001:Parking Permit Course" and click "enroll."

2. Complete the Course

Once in the TPS 001 course, click on the “UVM Parking Permit & Sustainable Transportation Course”. This file will open in a new window.

Click the play button to start the video, and use the arrows located in the lower right-hand corner of the video window to navigate forward and backward through the course. Once you’ve completed the course and subsequent quiz, exit the UVM Sustainable Transportation 101 window and you will be taken back to the Blackboard site.

3. Get your completion certificate

After taking the course and quiz, go to the “Start the Course” page on the left menu to get back to the course materials.

If you completed the course and passed the quiz, you will see a new section appear called Certificate of Parking Permit & Sustainable Transportation Course Completion. THIS SECTION WILL APPEAR ONLY IF YOU HAVE PASSED THE QUIZ. You can take the course and quiz as many times as you need.

You can find your certificate by clicking in two places; one in the Start the Course page, one in Completion Certificate on the left menu.

Either will open the My Achievement page, where you will see a Certificate of Parking Permit & Sustainable Transportation Course Completion.

You can click on the printer icon on the certificate to view and then print (or save) your certificate.

4. Include this certificate as an attachment to your parking permit application.

When you have downloaded your certificate you can apply for your parking permit here

For More Information:

To view these instructions as a PDF with pictures click here

When in the module you can access a list of helpful links can be found on the Resources page of the left side menu, and contact information can be found on the Help page on the same menu.