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Parking for students is defined as either residential (on-campus residence) or commuter (off-campus residence). Eligibility for the purchase of a parking permit is determined by the student's local address and class status. Whether a permit is applied for on-line or in our office, verification of the address which is claimed on the student's application is necessary either by data imported by the Department of Residential Life, or in the case of commuters, by a copy of a signed lease or two pieces of mail addressed to the applicant. Please select the type of permit you wish to apply for below for more information concerning the permit. 

You may notice there are still empty spaces on all campuses (equally distributed in residential and employee lots).  The 200 parking spaces are a requirement from the City to issue UVM construction permits for the expansion of the College of Medicine project slated to begin next spring as well as the already started Athletics project at Gutterson.  The 200 spaces are required to be available for displaced employees and students who already have permits to migrate to during each phase of construction.  Our parking challenges have required us to locate off-site resources for our parking needs, and fortunately, we were able to locate a lot on Pine Street available to us without a significant increase in fees and adding transportation at an additional cost.

We always communicate via your e-mail account.  Parking options are always offered with deadlines, and first come first served.  Please monitor our messages for updates if you are interested in parking with our options.


2019 - 2020 Residential Student Parking Permit Purchase Information

There are currently no additional Residential Parking permits available for purchase.

The administration is evaluating the feasibility of an off-site lot for which we may be able to sell permits for eligible on-campus residents. When/if that becomes a possibility, we will distribute an e-mail via student UVM e-mail accounts to provide information. At this time we have no further information.

All e-mails sent from Parking Services go to your e-mail address.  Along with this website, this is how we communicate all information to you concerning permit sales and parking updates.

Resident Permits/Resident Halls

2019-2020 Commuter Student Parking Permit Purchase Information

Eligibility determined by local address

Commuter permits are sold to students in accordance to their local address. Please read the agreement carefully when you apply. It is a declaration you understand you must not misrepresent your local address in order to obtain a parking permit you do not qualify for.

Misrepresenting your address is a Parking violation, with University sanctions, including, but not limited to, a referral to the Center for Student Conduct and your revocation of parking eligibility.

Commuting students who live beyond the Commuter Evening area (encircled in blue, see link to map below) are eligible to purchase a Commuter Brown permit. Commuting students living within the Commuter Evening area are eligible to purchase a Commuter Evening permit (gold).

We are prohibited from selling daytime commuter permits to students within the Commuter Evening area (see Commuter Evening Map (PDF)). If your local address is within the blue circle you must select a "Commuter Evening" permit.  Proof of residency is required if applying for a Commuter Brown. Please be prepared to show a lease agreement or two CURRENT pieces of mail (example: current utility bill) with your name on them confirming residence when picking up a purchased permit or applying for a permit in our office.

Student Commuter Parking Permits

Commuter Permits - Brown (includes daytime parking)
Commuter Permits - Evening (Gold) (limited daytime, evenings)
Commuter Permits - Yellow (3rd & 4th Year Medical Students)
Commuter Evening Map (PDF)

Warehousing your vehicle on campus

The price of your commuter permit does not pay for warehousing your vehicle on campus or overnight parking.  You must ask for availability, and if approved, you must give Parking Services a contact person and phone number to someone who has keys to your vehicle in case it needs to be moved.

When approved, this special permit is sold at a price of $8 per day ($40 per week) and must be parked where designated by Parking Services.

Redstone Lofts/Redstone Apartments

Tenants or subtenants: UVM parking permits are not available for Redstone Lofts or Redstone Apartments tenants or subtenants.  This includes warehousing.  Please check with your individual main offices for your parking options.


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