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CarShare Vermont offers an easy & affordable alternative to owning a car.  If you live or work around Burlington, VT there‚Äôs a car nearby. Campus memberships are subsidized for full-time students, faculty, and staff at UVM who forego permits for the duration of their CarShare Vermont membership.  

Any CampusShare member who requests a permit will be required to reimburse UVM TPS for the full cost (not pro-rated cost) of their CarShare membership. If you received a CarShare membership between January and June 2020, you will need to reimburse CarShare Vermont directly. 

Learn More: CarShare Vermont

EV Station

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EV Charging Station): UVM has five level-2 dual port Electric Vehicle charging stations on Campus.  In addition, there are two level-1 charging stations located on mid-level of Gutterson Garage.

Learn More: EV Charging Stations


Employee Carpooling Programs help the environment and reduce the use of single-occupancy vehicles parked on campus during peak times. Reduced or free Employee Carpool Permits are available.

Employee Carpool Permits

Interested in carpooling, but not sure who to carpool with?

Employee Carpool Matching 

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Student Ride Share: Wheeli is a carpooling app that connects college students with cars with other student passengers looking for a ride. Students split driving costs, make new friends and reduce their carbon footprint by filling their empty car seats!



Occasional Use Employee Parking Permit Program provides a way for people who ordinarily commute to campus by an alternative mode to occasionally park on campus. The program is intended for full-time faculty or staff.

Occasional Use Parking Permits