The U.S. Department of Education has announced plans to offer targeted student loan forgiveness to certain federal student loan borrowers.  We have not received detailed information about the program’s eligibility criteria, timeline, or process and are unable to provide specific guidance at this time.

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To learn more about the program and view frequently asked questions, visit the Department of Education debt relief announcement page.

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To be notified when the process has officially opened, visit the Department of Education subscription page.

Review your student loan and Federal grant (including Pell Grant) history

To review your individual student loan portfolio, identify your federal loan servicers, and/or determine whether you have previously received Federal Pell Grant funds, create or log into your account.


Avoid getting scammed:

Don't be fooled by people who say they can guarantee your eligibility or help you cut the line or get into the plan early or who attempt to charge you for assistance as these are signs of a scam. Since the Department of Education is still busy on working out the details, you can make sure you will receive accurate and up-to-date information by signing up (see above) for updates and finding out who your federal loan servicer is (see above) to make sure they have your most recent contact information. If you spot a scam, you can report it to