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Lake Champlain Videos is a series of recently-released videos to help people understand the lake and its processes and the actions people can take to protect and improve water quality and keep themselves and their pets safe. Visit our YouTube Channel to see the full playlist.

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Build You Own Aquaponics System, Step by Step

Published 2023
These videos will take you through how to build an aquaponics system for your home, office, or school from start to finish. Follow along with Dr. Theo Willis as he explains what materials you need, necessary modifications, and the process of setting this up from beginning to end.

Research Webinar: Tools to Balance Objectives for Restoration and Conservation of Floodplains

Published 2023
In this talk, we introduce decision-support tools for evaluating the multiple, and sometimes incompatible, objectives of different decision-makers for management of floodplains. These tools, developed with Sea Grant support, aim to balance stakeholder objectives and refine the rankings of restoration projects developed under Vermont’s Functioning Floodplain Initiative. Because phosphorus attenuation is a critical objective amongst most stakeholders to meet clean water goals for Lake Champlain, research on the capacity of connected floodplains to capture flood-borne phosphorus is also described. These tools were designed to support a systems-based management approach that best meets multiple stakeholder objectives to promote consensus decision making and cost-effective implementation of nature-based solutions.

Abenaki Perspectives on Water

Published 2022
Lake Champlain Sea Grant and the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation hosted this Abenaki Water Perspectives panel discussion with speakers Chief Don Stevens, Melody Mackin and Rich Holschuh. View both a full recorded version (1 hour and 25 minutes) and a short version that features the highlights (4 minutes).

Aquaculture in Vermont: Finn and Roots farm

Published 2022
We teamed up with Peregrine Productions to create this video about an aquaponics farm in Vermont. Finn and Roots is housed in a 6,000 square foot greenhouse which raises fish and grows vegetables year round.

Aquaculture in Vermont: Sweet Sound shrimp farm

Published 2022
We teamed up with Peregrine Productions to create this video about an aquaculture shrimp farm in Vermont. Sweet Sound is Vermont's first shrimp aquaculture farm. The fish are raised in recirculating seawater at the farm and are available for retail and wholesale purchase weekly.

Best Lawn Care Practices

Published 2022
This rack card produced by BLUE BTV illustrates best practices for lawn care, such as "Raise the Blade" and "Mow Where You Go" to grow healthier grass and reduce stormwater and pollutant runoff into waterways.