Lake Champlain Sea Grant produces publications that include science journal articles, reports, brochures, fact sheets, videos, public service announcements, and other materials about our research, outreach, and education related to the Lake Champlain basin.

Climate Buoys on Lake Champlain

Published 2020
This rack card describes data buoys that are deployed seasonally on Lake Champlain and collect data of value to scientists, anglers, and mariners. The buoys store and relay real-time information on weather and water temperature from the surface to the lake’s bottom. These data help researchers to understand the potential impacts of climate change.

Guidance for Lake Champlain Marinas to Locate Cleaning Solutions and PPE

Published 2020
This fact sheet provides guidance for Lake Champlain marinas during the COVID-19 pandemic. The publication lists names and contact information of Lake Champlain, Vermont, and New York businesses selling disinfectant products, sanitizers, and personal protective equipment.