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Rain Garden Manual for Vermont and the Lake Champlain Basin 2021

Published 2021
This 2021 Rain Garden Manual is developed for homeowners, landscape architects, city planners, or anyone else interested in installing a rain garden to protect local rivers and lakes in Vermont or the Lake Champlain basin of New York. The 28-page illustrated manual was produced by Lake Champlain Sea Grant.

Research seminar: Drivers of Change in Denitrification Capacity of Riparian Soils During Spring Snowmelt

Published 2021
Presentation by Brittany Lancelloti, UVM, on an investigation into how riparian soil denitrification and its controls vary during snowmelt. The project was designed to study physical/chemical and biological (i.e. microbial community) controls on denitrification. To achieve this, an existing riparian soil monitoring network was leveraged to measure physical controls on denitrification, like soil moisture and oxygen content. Additionally, denitrification rates were measured in conjunction with the abundance of denitrifying bacteria to study how the microbial community is impacted by spring snowmelt.

Research Seminar: Environmental Health Disparities in Vermont

Published 2021
This is a recording of a seminar given on January 27, 2021 by Bindu Panikkar, Assistant Professor, Rubenstein School of the Environment and Natural Resources, UVM, about her research examining environmental justice issues in Vermont.

Research Seminar: Fisheries Research in Lake Champlain

Published 2021
In this video, Professor Ellen Marsden, of the University of Vermont Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, explains findings of UVM researchers and state biologists that lake trout numbers in Lake Champlain are rising due to successful recruitment of young. Her research was funded, in part, by Lake Champlain Sea Grant.

Research Seminar: Upwelling in Lake Champlain's South Main Lake: Identifying Events and Assessing Impacts

Published 2021
In this video recording, Eric Leibensperger, of Ithaca College, presents his research on upwelling in Lake Champlain’s South Main Lake, a project funded by Lake Champlain Sea Grant and administered by SUNY-Plattsburgh. The research helps managers better understand consequences of policy decisions, while also shedding light on physical processes (upwelling) that are not controllable and may be modified by a changing climate.

Research Seminar: Visualization Tools to Communicate Riverine Erosion Hazards and Improve Flood Resiliency in Headwater Communities of the Lake Champlain Basin

Published 2021
In this video, Research Assistant Professor Kristen Underwood and PhD candidate Lindsay Worley, both of the University of Vermont, present their research to develop a science-based tool to identify and prioritize river reaches for conservation and restoration to mitigate erosion and flooding hazards. This project is funded by Lake Champlain Sea Grant.