Lake Champlain Sea Grant produces publications that include science journal articles, reports, brochures, fact sheets, videos, public service announcements, and other materials about our research, outreach, and education related to the Lake Champlain basin.

Don't "P" on your Lawn

Published 2010
Phosphorus (P) is a plant nutrient found in lawn fertilizer that feeds algal blooms in waterways. You can create a beautiful lawn and keep “P” from polluting water by using P-free fertilizers.

Vermont Rain Garden Manual

Published 2008
This manual clarifies the rain garden installation process, demonstrates how rain gardens are cost-effective stormwater management tools, and illustrates how they can be incorporated into a variety of landscapes.

Lake Champlain Alewife Impacts

Published 2006
LCSG and the LCBP organized a workshop February 14, 2006 to learn about Alewife impacts from resources managers and scientists. The following “chapters” are a distillation of notes and computer graphic files supplied and edited by the presenters.

Shoring Up Lake Champlain's Waterfront

Published 2006
The Shoreline Stabilization Handbook helps property owners make informed decisions about how best to stabilize their shoreline and is the 2006 recipient of the Outstanding Planning Award for a Project, Program, or Tool.

Shoreline Stabilization Handbook

Published 2004
This handbook is for area residents and government officials who are working to create and maintain a landscape that complements Lake Champlain’s setting and ecology.