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Research Seminar: Visualization Tools to Communicate Riverine Erosion Hazards and Improve Flood Resiliency in Headwater Communities of the Lake Champlain Basin

Published 2021
In this video, Research Assistant Professor Kristen Underwood and PhD candidate Lindsay Worley, both of the University of Vermont, present their research to develop a science-based tool to identify and prioritize river reaches for conservation and restoration to mitigate erosion and flooding hazards. This project is funded by Lake Champlain Sea Grant.

Review of Reduced Salt, Snow, and Ice Management Practices for Commercial Businesses

Published 2021
With road salt application in the northeast expected to rise throughout the 21st century, there are potential risks to aquatic life and human health concerns. Government bodies have begun to respond to these potential risks with Best Management Practices (BPMs) designed to reduce salt application for de-icing. Kris Stepenuck and others reviewed the BPMs designed for government use of chlorides during winter maintenance to adapt for private and commercial contractors' use in this peer-reviewed journal article.

Soaking Up Stormwater Runoff curriculum

Published 2021
This curriculum is designed for upper elementary through high school students to understand the concepts of stormwater runoff, watersheds, and green infrastructure and nature-based solutions to cleaning and treating stormwater runoff on-site. It includes a variety of hands-on activities to engage students in learning, and describes multiple stewardship projects in which students can participate to help minimize stormwater runoff from school or other properties.

Thanks Shelburne Selectboard for Raising the Blade

Published 2021
This local story in Shelburne News by Linda Patterson announces that the town of Shelburne, Vermont has endorsed the Raise the Blade campaign for town lawns to help reduce stormwater runoff.

Using Watersheds as a Framework for Learning

Published 2021
This article by Lake Champlain Sea Grant's Ashley Eaton appeared in the Fall 2021 edition of Green Teacher and became the cover story for this edition specifically focused on watershed education.

Why it Makes Sense to Reduce Salt Use

Published 2021
This Lake Champlain Sea Grant-produced video shares the experience of the City of South Burlington, Vermont that has been able to reduce salt use and save money through salt tracking and equipment calibration.

Climate Buoys on Lake Champlain

Published 2020
This rack card describes data buoys that are deployed seasonally on Lake Champlain and collect data of value to scientists, anglers, and mariners. The buoys store and relay real-time information on weather and water temperature from the surface to the lake’s bottom. These data help researchers to understand the potential impacts of climate change.