Lake Champlain Sea Grant produces publications that include science journal articles, reports, brochures, fact sheets, videos, public service announcements, and other materials about our research, outreach, and education related to the Lake Champlain basin.

Partners in Action: Federal Agencies at Work in the Lake Champlain Basin

Published 2017
Efforts to improve water quality and ecosystem integrity in the Lake Champlain Basin rely on the programs and support of a number of U.S. federal agencies. These agencies play a pivotal role in implementing the goals of the Lake Champlain management plan "Opportunities for Action." They provide financial and technical support to state and local partners, and implement key projects of their own to restore and protect the Lake and its watershed.

Road Salt: The problem of salt in our waterways

Published 2017
Road salt (sodium chloride) has been used as a method to manage icy winter roads since the 1940s. Researchers from across the country investigated the long-term trends of road salt use on 371 freshwater lakes across North America.

Assessing Climate Change Within Lake Champlain (NY,VT, QC)

Published 2016
We evaluate climate change within Lake Champlain using a combination of atmospheric and limnological observations. Long-term monitoring has revealed a summertime warming trend of surface waters of about 0.9°C dec-1. Climate change is an important component in the development of management programs (LCBP, 2015; Zia et al., 2016). However, Lake Champlain is dynamic and large temperature

Managing Your Household Septic System

Published 2014
Information for homeowners to safeguard and maintain septic systems, control the volume and quality of wastewater, maintaining the septic tank, sludge accumulation, and the soil treatment area.

Bilge Water, Boat Sewage and Gray Water

Published 2013
All boats generate wastewater. Sources include bilge water, marine toilets, and laundry/dishwashing facilities. Please follow the tips on this fact sheet to make sure that you dispose of this wastewater properly.