Lake Champlain Sea Grant produces publications that include science journal articles, reports, brochures, fact sheets, videos, public service announcements, and other materials about our research, outreach, and education related to the Lake Champlain basin.

Microplastics in Lake Champlain

Published 2019
Mountain Lake PBS interviewed Mark Malchoff, Aquatic Resources Specialist with Lake Champlain Sea Grant, which has funded research by SUNY Plattsburgh researchers into the problem of microplastic pollution in Lake Champlain.

Nebi: Abenaki Ways of Knowing Water

Published 2019
Working with chiefs and members of the Nulhegan, Missisquoi, and Elnu Bands of the Abenaki Nation, and Peregrine Productions, LLC, Lake Champlain Sea Grant and UVM Extension, are thrilled to share the short film, Nebi: Abenaki Ways of Knowing Water. This film was created in an effort to share cultural history and knowledge with public and school audiences who participate in our watershed programs. The film also provided an opportunity to the Abenaki people to preserve their creation stories for generations to come.

Road Salt: Minimizing Its Use 1

Published 2019
A public service announcement about road salt and how and why to minimize its use to protect our waterways.

How Long Are the Roots

Published 2018
Sign that describes how grass grows and part of an educational display showing real grass growing with roots visible. This project is part of the Raise the Blade campaign.

Keeping Dogs Safe From Harmful Algal Blooms

Published 2018
This brochure helps dog owners understand the risks of exposure of their pet to harmful algal blooms and how to recognize if their dog may have been poisoned by toxins.