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Research Webinar: Exploring the Response of Legacy Phosphorus and Cyanobacteria Blooms in Lake Carmi to Whole-Lake Aeration

Published 2022
In this research webinar, Ashton Kirol, a Master’s student in geology at the University of Vermont, goes over his research on Lake Carmi, a 'lake in crisis' due to high phosphorus loads and cyanobacteria blooms. He discusses what changes were observed within the lake due to aeration, why the timing of phosphorus release and bloom activity shifted to earlier in the summer, and future management options.

Restoration Roundup Season 1

Published 2022
Restoration Roundup is a monthly podcast that invites guests from local government and nonprofit organizations to discuss the work they are doing in riparian forest restoration around the Lake Champlain basin. Season one of Restoration Roundup ran from September 2021 through September 2022. The podcast is part of the Watershed Forestry Partnership, a program housed within University of Vermont Extension and Lake Champlain Sea Grant.

Restoring Riparian Buffers with Birds in Mind

Published 2022
Conservation Research Fellow Cassie Wolfanger with Audubon Vermont and Lake Champlain Sea Grant wrote this news story that describes what some of the scientific literature suggests for best native plants, strategic site locations, and ideal buffer structure and scale that are important for enhancing bird habitat in riparian areas.

Tile Drainage Flow Partitioning and Phosphorus Export in Vermont USA

Published 2022
This scientific journal article in Agriculture describes Lake Champlain Sea Grant-funded research by University of Vermont scientists who tested water flow and phosphorus export from tile drains on farm lands in Vermont, USA. This study highlights the impacts of current manure management and potential for climate change to increase phosphorus export from tile drainage.

Tracking Lake Trout

Published 2022
This rack card describes Lake Champlain Sea Grant-funded research at the University of Vermont to track tagged lake trout in Lake Champlain to help guide trout restoration. An email is provided for anglers to contact if they find tagged fish.

Understanding Cyanobacteria

Published 2022
This rack card produced by BLUE BTV describes what cyanobacteria are, how they impact our waterways, and how cities, like Burlington, Vermont, and individuals can take actions to help keep waterways clean and safe.