Dan brings years of practical experience working as a geospatial analyst and consultant to the classroom. He’s excited to share his knowledge of GIS and its application to the myriad of challenges we face today.

His research interests are in the application of geospatial analytics to help feed our growing population as well as in the design and planning of resilient and sustainable communities. He is particularly interested in finding and utilizing lost spaces within our developed landscapes. From vacant lots in cities to oversized lawns in the suburbs, underutilized, interstitial spaces exist that have the potential to be reclaimed for more beneficial uses such as food production.


  • Erickson, D.L., Lovell, S.T., Méndez, V.E. (2013). Identifying, Quantifying and Classifying Agricultural Opportunities for Land Use. Landscape and Urban Planning 118, 29-39.
  • Erickson, D.L., Lovell, S.T., Méndez, V.E. (2011). Landowner willingness to embed production agriculture and other land use options in residential areas of Chittenden County, VT. Landscape and Urban Planning 103, 174-184.
  • Lovell, S. T., Méndez, V. E., Erickson, D.L., Nathan, C. and DeSantis, S. (2010). Extent, pattern, and multifunctionality of treed habitats on farms in Vermont, USA. Agroforestry Systems 80(2): 153-171.
  • Lovell, S.T., DeSantis, S., Nathan, C.A., Olson, M.B., Méndez, V.E., Kominami, H.C., Erickson, D.L., Morris, K.S. and Morris, W.B. (2010). Integrating agroecology and landscape multifunctionality in Vermont: An evolving framework to evaluate the design of agroecosystems. Agricultural Systems 103: 327-341.
Daniel Erickson

Areas of Expertise and/or Research

Instructional programs: Environmental Sciences, Geospatial Technologies, and Natural Resources
Research: Retrofitting suburban landscapes, landscape multifunctionality, ecological design, agroecology and food systems


  • PhD Plant and Soil Science – Agroecology + Ecological Landscape Design, University of Vermont 2012
  • MS Rangeland Ecology and Management, Texas A&M 1996
  • BS Natural Resources, Cornell University 1993


  • 802-656-1938
Office Location:

205C Aiken Center, 81 Carrigan Dr.

Courses Taught

  • Global Environmental Assessment
  • Introduction to Geographic Information Systems