If you are planning to study abroad start planning early and review the guidelines below to ensure a smooth transition.

Where to Begin

  • Contact the Office of International Education to learn about the hundreds of study abroad programs available and how to apply.
  • Make an appointment with our office to review how to ensure that your courses will transfer. We can be reached by telephone at (802) 656-0867, email, or stop by Waterman 339.

Degree Completion While at UVM

  • There are limits on the number of transfer credits that may be applied to your degree program and selected major. In general, 30 of the last 45 credits earned for the UVM degree must be taken at the University. Please consult the online catalogue for specific college/school policies.

While You Are Away

  • Courses change. You may decide to add or drop classes. Make certain to keep us up to date about the courses you are taking. Email your final course schedule to Transfer Affairs so we can let you know how the classes you end up taking will transfer back to UVM.
  • Before you return make sure to request that a transcript be sent directly to our office. It is much easier to request a transcript while you are still at an institution rather than waiting until after you have returned.

When You Return

  • If you are taking a course in the hopes it will be transferable for a specific course, be prepared to provide course materials (syllabus, exams, papers, notes) to our office in order to assist in your transfer evaluation. If you have questions about courses for which you may need to provide course materials please contact us by telephone at (802) 656-0867 or by email.