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The myUVM Portal is getting a makeover. Due to the end-of-life of the portal’s current platform, the Office of the Registrar and Enterprise Application Services are working to build an upgraded version of the portal using a new platform called Experience. The new platform will allow for the same functionality as the current myUVM platform, while introducing some enhanced features and a brand-new look. The new portal is scheduled to go live on July 15, 2024.

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What's Changing? 

Your Go-To Hub 

The new version of myUVM will be a single place for all the links and information you need. Think of it as your first stop each day when you log on to begin your day. Whether you are a student, a faculty member, or a staff member, your myUVM portal will be your ultimate destination for accessing what you need–no need to create bookmarks in your web browser or search the public UVM website. 

Increased Personalization

Your new myUVM dashboard will be made up of cards. Each card will contain your most important information and links, and will allow you to create a dashboard that is unique to your own area of study or job role. The order of the cards is completely customizable by you, which means a more efficient way to access what you need every day.   

Enhanced Security 

The new portal will require Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for signing on. Duo, which many UVM applications already use to grant access, will be used for myUVM. Now, you will only need to sign in once, and be given access to all of your applications. 


Join the Pilot

Want to be an early adopter of the new myUVM? Join our spring 2024 pilot and provide your feedback to help get the portal ready for our summer launch. 

Submit the pre-pilot survey to receive access to your new portal.

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