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Frequently Asked Questions for faculty members or instructors with questions about grading.

How do I access MyUVM?

The information you use to access myUVM is the same as the information you use to access your email. If you've forgotten your password or username contact Network ID and Account Management to reset or retrieve it.

If you still cannot log in, contact the Computer Helpline at or 802-656-2604.

Why is someone else's name appearing in the "User" column? 

Usernames that appear in all capital letters indicate processes done by the Registrar's Office. A typical case in which you would see someone else's Net ID in the "User" column would be when our office has withdrawn a student from your course.

Why is my course listed as non-gradable? 

Non-gradable sections are lab or discussion groups which are linked to another section that is gradable. Both the non-gradable and gradable sections of your course should appear in your drop down menu.

Why can't I select the grade I want to assign my student from their drop-down menu? 

Only grades a student can earn will appear in the menu next to the student’s name.

For example, if a student has chosen to audit your course letter grades will not appear in that student's grading menu. Instead, the options of None, AU, I, UNSUCC, and XC will appear. If you feel the incorrect options are appearing for a student in your course please contact our office at or 802-656-2045. 

What does "Please submit the grades often" mean? 

In order to maintain a high level of security, your online grade submission session is set to time out after four hours. To ensure you don’t lose your work, you should submit your grades frequently. Not all students need to have a grade assigned before you click submit. You will be able to change grades you submit until they are "rolled" to academic history daily at 1:00 AM.

Why is the drop-down menu not appearing when I try to change a grade?

If the drop-down menu is no longer appearing next to a student's name on your grading list, it means that their grade has been "rolled" to academic history. Once a grade has been rolled, you will need to submit a request for grade change online.

When will my students be able to view their grades?

Students can see the grade you assigned them only after that grade has been "rolled" to academic history. Grades roll to academic history daily when the system is backed up at 1:00 AM. Once a grade has been rolled a student can view the grade online through her SIS access (even if you have not submitted grades for the entire grade list).

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