To maintain facilities, perform related services and provide responsible stewardship of the University of Vermont's physical assets in support of the University mission.

The Physical Plant leadership team developed a Vision 2020 which includes a set of guiding principles concerning how we conduct our operations and business each day.



Investing in our Workforce

staff holding certificate

Principles in Action: Investing in safety training programs and professional development opportunities for our staff. Exploring ways to enhance and encourage diversity among our workforce. Promoting staff from within our ranks. 


Data-Driven Decision Making

energy chart

Principles in Action: Creating regular reporting systems to gauge our efficiency and progress on preventive maintenance, work order status and metrics. Using data analysis to make informed management decisions in everything from staffing to energy consumption.

Strategic Asset Investment


Principles in Action: Meeting with University leaders and stakeholders to ensure alignment of maintenance priorities with academic and programmatic priorities. Drafting a comprehensive multi-year facilities renewal plan. Leveraging other sources of funding for deferred maintenance. Continuing to support review of major capital projects to ensure future operational efficiency.

Energy and Resource Efficiency

steam boilers

Principles in Action: Successfully completed expansion of our Central Plant to increase capacity of chilled water for recent new facilities. Leveraging funds for energy efficiency projects. Identifying ways to further reduce our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness

worker in tunnel

Principles in Action: Improving internal communications with our organization. Rolling out a mobile solution for our work order management system. Developing flexible and adaptable models for sharing staffing and expertise among maintenance zones. Enhancing our external communications to our customers and campus stakeholders.