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FAQ's Related to FAMIS and Billing

Why do I need to submit a FAMIS Service Request? Can I just phone your office for service?

Submitting an on-line service request in FAMIS is the quickest way for Physical Plant to obtain the information needed to follow through on your request. Entering your name, building, room number, chart string, and description of work to be performed helps us determine which zone or crew to dispatch.

Which chart string (budget number) do I use?

Check with your department's business manager for the correct chartstring.

How do I cancel or edit a Service Request (Work Order)?

Email and reference the original Service Request (SR) number.  Please do not submit a duplicate or second request for the same item.

Why does my Work Order billing statement show two lines when only one technician came and did the repair?

Billing from technician is charged as one line for labor and materials, and another line for fringe.

Is there a cut off date for end of Fiscal Year billing?

Yes. Our final payroll period for the fiscal year is typically 2-3 weeks prior to June 30th. Therefore, any labor, materials or invoices charged to your work order after this cut off will appear in the next fiscal year.

Other FAQ's

How do I request service outside regular business hours?

For urgent matters and emergency response, a Physical Plant service technician is always on site 24/7 every day. Call 802-656-2560 to reach SOS after hours at the Central Heating Plant. For non-urgent matters, please submit a Service Request through FAMIS and it will be reviewed and processed the following business day.  

How do I request keys?

Visit the Lock Shop page for further details.

How do I report unusual odors or smells?

Please report unusual odors right away by calling SOS at 802-656-2560. Physical Plant will work with Risk Management & Safety to investigate your request to find the source of the odor and will take appropriate action to correct.  

Can I paint my own office?

No. University policy requires that all building maintenance activities - including painting- must be performed or managed through Physical Plant or through Planning, Design & Construction (PDC). There are many health and safety, environmental (e.g. lead and asbestos), building, mechanical (e.g. ventilation) and fire safety codes and regulations which the University must adhere to. 

What if I have concerns about lead paint or peeling paint in my building?

The Physical Plant Training and Compliance Office (TCO) investigates any material that may contain hazardous materials before an activity could cause a disturbance. A lead content test may be performed and appropriate action taken to adhere to EPA, State, and City regulations. Submit a FAMIS Service Request for this test.

How do I request air conditioning in my office? 

All air conditioning requests must come through Physical Plant so that we can investigate the building's electrical service and ensure capacity on the circuit. 

How long will it take to complete my maintenance service request?

Response time is based on the priority level of the request. Emergency and life safety requests are highest priority. Most simple repairs are responded to as soon as possible. 

Who should I contact if there is an insect, bug or pest problem in my building?

Custodial Services handles pest control. Submit a FAMIS Service Request and it will be routed to Custodial, or phone them directly at 802-656-3385.

Who is responsible for unlocking classrooms?

Contact the Custodial Services Department at 802-656-3385

Who raises and lowers U.S. and State flags on campus?

The UVM Office of the President makes the initial judgment and sends a communication for raising and lowering flags to half staff. An email is sent to a distribution list of specific units responsible for each pole on campus.  Get further explanation of half staff status for United States flag and State of Vermont flag.