Welcome Message
Sal Chiarelli, Director

As stewards of the University's physical assets, our job is to keep university facilities in top condition so that others-- students, staff, faculty, and visitors-- can carry out the University's primary mission of teaching and research. To do this, we employ a team of service-oriented, skilled, and highly technical staff to work in a variety of operational units. Each PPD staff member plays a critical role in the success of the University on a daily basis.

The University is constantly changing and our department is prepared to take on new challenges and jump on opportunities as they come along. We continue to react to the changing needs of the institution, enhance our skill set to provide excellent service using our in-house staff, and respond to challenges of maintaining newer buildings and the increased complexity and technology they bring with it.

We continue to enhance our abilities to provide a higher level of service to the campus in a variety of ways. We have strengthened our departmental emphasis on strategic capital renewal and deferred maintenance. While we celebrate newer facilities which are exciting, modern and high-tech, we also do not lose sight of our older historic buildings and the care and upkeep they require. 

Our 2020 Vision helps focus us on these key areas to keep us moving forward and continuously improve: 

  • Data Driven Decision Making
  • Investing in our Workforce
  • Strategic Asset Investment
  • Energy and Resource Efficiency
  • Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness