Our project & engineering team completes between 40-80 deferred maintenance and plant renewal projects per year of varying size and scope. Sources of funds for these projects include:

  • Annual State Appropriation
  • UVM Deferred Maintenance/Plant Improvements Fund
  • UVM Facilties Renewal and Replacement Reserve
  • UVM Energy Revolving Fund

Below are highlights of some recently completed projects:

Centennial Field Storage Facility

Centennial Field storage facility

Schedule: Completed 2016
This project was a great example of creative reuse in converting the soccer bleachers at Centennial Field into a partially enclosed storage facility. The project consisted of removing all the wood bleacher seating (originally built in the 1960's), removing the lowest pier of the steel structure, and installing a new metal roof over the entire remaining structure. Half of the storage area was enclosed with an asphalt and concrete floor. The building is now utilized for storage of equipment for the Physical Plant grounds and electrical crews.

Grassemount Exterior Renovations

Grassmount hall under renovation

Schedule: Completed 2013
The exterior of Grassmount Hall was renovated to add waterproofing of the foundation on east and north sides of building; reroof metal entryway roofs; paint building exterior, add new shutters, and install new sewer line to Main Street.

Rowell Hall Roof

Rowell Hall Exterior

Schedule: Completed 2018
This project was an entire roof replacement for Rowell Hall --approximately 20,100 square feet. The project consisted of the removal of existing roof system, including 3” ridged insulation and roof membrane, 5-9” of bituminous material, stone ballast of varying thicknesses, and the removal of appurtenances from the roof, and abatement of small amounts Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM).  The installation of new roof system included a fully adhered 90 Mil EDPM membrane, tapered insulation, fully adhered 4” polyiso insulation (minimum thickness), the installation of metal caps, drip edges, scuppers, sealants and associated hardware.

Royall Tyler Roof

Royall Tyler Theater

Schedule: Completed Summer 2018
This project involved replacing the upper and lower asphalt shingle roof with a standing seem copper roof.  Additionally, the brick was cleaned with an historic wash and the mortar was repointed. Some brick was replaced in designated areas, along with replacing storm windows with new more-efficient storm windows. This project improved the building envelope and provided a much needed facelift to this historic gem in the center of campus.

Southwick Building

Southwick Building exterior

Schedule:  Summer 2015 & 2016 Completed
The project entailed a two-phased approach for a large amount of deferred maintenanced. During the first phase, the work included the restoration of a historic wooden cupola that was severely deteriorated; replacement of the slate roof, repair of the ridge lines and valleys of the main level roofing system, and also replacement of one of the two flat roof areas; repair to the westerly elevation consisting of the granite stairwell and front porch; replacement of the sidewalks in the Courtyard and the north exterior stairwell; replacement of carpet in the Recital Hall lobby, and also the installation of new lighting fixtures in the Recital Hall. 

The second phase included lighting in the recital hall, window restoration, replacement of the southwest flat roof with balustrades, and the replacement of the historic main entry doors. Additional work included the upgrade of Southwick's electrical infrastructure, based on electrical deficiencies, code violations and life safety concerns determined during an Arc Flash Study.

Torrey Hall Slate Roof

Torrey Hall

Schedule: Completed 2018
Complete renovation of building envelope included installation of new slate roof to restore the building to its original historic appearance. 

Wheeler Barn Restoration

Wheeler Barn before renovation

Schedule: Completed 2017

Project elements included painting exterior, installing new basement stairs and new interiro stairs, replaced wood framing and rotted wood, installed new steel beams, installed new windows, new concrete slab in basement and restored stone foundation.