On Campus Resources

  •     For needs related to on-campus housing, contact Residential Life: (802) 656-3434 or ResLife@uvm.edu
  •     For needs related to dining on campus, contact University Dining Services: (802) 656-4664
  •     For needs related to your academic work, contact your professors and/or your college or school's Dean's office
  •     For students seeking accommodations related to medically documented disabilities (in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act), contact the ACCESS Office: 802-656-7753 or http://www.uvm.edu/access/. If you are unsure if you quality for ADA accommodations contact the UVM ACCESS Office for clarification.

If you are having other difficulties and/or just can't seem to figure it all out, call the Assistant Dean of Students, (802) 656-3380; this office can help direct you to the appropriate campus resource for needed support.

Mobility Issues

It can be difficult to get around campus with a broken leg. For this or other temporary mobility issues, there are several resources that can make it a little easier.

The UVM Campus Area Transportation System is accessible. Many people with a temporary mobility condition often think that getting a handicapped parking permit is most helpful. In reality, the bus system is usually faster and can get people closer to the building or location they are trying to access. Bus drivers are friendly and willing to help, so just ask!

The role of Student Health Services is to understand the student's health condition and to make a recommendation to UVM Transportation and Parking Services regarding a temporary parking permit. To request a temporary parking permit based on a documented medical condition, the student is required to submit a temporary parking permit request form (PDF).

Temporary Parking Permit Request Form (PDF)

Parts I and II of the form are to be completed by the student and Part III is to be completed by the medical provider. 

Housing Modifications

Student Health Services supports the mission of Residential Life, and strives to help all students be successful at UVM. We are happy to be part of a student’s care team and look forward to helping all students live comfortably on our campus.

If you think you need a housing modification based on a non-ADA medical condition, please review this information, as well as the information on the Residential Life website.

SHS recommendations will be shared with student and with Residential Life. As able and appropriate, Res Life staff follows the recommendation. Modifications are meant to meet student health needs, not necessarily preferences.

If you have questions or need more information, contact housing request staff at Student Health Services 802-656-3350.

Resources in the Burlington Area for Wheelchair Rentals

Student Health does not have a wheelchair available for general use. These medical supply stores offer rentals:

  • Keene Medical: (802) 863-2114
  • The Medical Store: (802) 864-0908
  • Yankee Medical: (802) 863-4591 (Toll free: 1-800-698-4591)